Carefree Weekend

While there were families who went on a quick family getaway during the long weekend, we chose to just stay home and have a relaxing one instead. We are actually anticipating the busy week we’ll be having because since it’ll be the children’s exam week starting this Wednesday. We will be busy reviewing which is why we chose to just stay home and have a movie marathon instead of going to the mall.

I also had a chance to spend some time reading (I have actually finished reading a few of Stephen King’s short stories and have started on a Harlan Coben thriller). This actually made me think of creating my own reading nook at home. It’ll be something simple, nothing fancy, just my own space where I can have a quiet and comfortable time reading. I have seen some interesting reading lamps and have search for photos of sofa cushions just to have an idea of what to do for my own reading corner. I just hope I will have the time to rearrange our bedroom so that I can create a good spot for a reading nook.

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Rediscovering an Old Hobby

I was finally able to finish reading a novel the other day, something that I haven’t been able to do for quite some time. My mommy duties and online work hasn’t allowed me to read as much to and I was really frustrated at first especially when I hear about recent releases that have gained praises from book reviewers and enthusiasts. I realized though that if I really want to read and finish a novel, I must set aside a certain time each day or each week for reading. And if I am really busy or if the new book that I want is quite expensive, there are other alternatives such as ebooks and audio books. There are even free downloadable audio books that are available online if I want to get a preview first before I purchase the actual book. Whether it’s reading a printed version, an ebook on my smartphone or listening to an audio book, I am just glad that I am finally able to enjoy reading again.

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Finding the Time to Read


One of the things that I have been frustrated about since I started blogging and working online is the fact that I cannot read novels as much as I used to. I was introduced to reading Sweet Dreams and Choose Your Own Adventure pocketbooks in high school. I would borrow pocketbooks from my classmates and I would read them during recess or lunch breaks and most of the time, I would be finished with one by the time school is over for the day. From reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks, it progressed into reading novels which I would finish within a few days, especially if I become so engrossed with the story.

Nowadays, reading has been a ‘luxury’ for me; something that happens rarely. My husband has even discouraged me to buy the Sunday paper because I would just end up browsing it and another Sunday would come without me even reading the paper from the previous week. Whenever I get the opportunity to buy books, it would usually take weeks before I get to finish one. Being a work-at-home mom means I do not have control of how much free time I would have and sometimes, free time means catching up on my sleep. Reading has, in a way, taken a back seat.

Joining online giveaways has exposed me to different kinds of blogs, including book blogs. I would read reviews by other bloggers, and it has somehow, made me want to read the recent releases that they have been raving about. I started joining book giveaways and I have been fortunate enough to win quite a few of them. Here’s the latest one that I have won :


I chose this because of the positive reviews that it has been getting and I must say, a few chapters into it, I am looking forward to learn how the story would unfold. I truly miss the feeling of turning over each page and of ‘course, the smell of new books ( ‘bookaholics’ like me would understand what I mean…). Anyway, I’m just glad that I am reading again and I can’t wait to read all those wonderful and engaging novels I have been hearing about.

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I Miss Reading


My online and offline life has been so busy these past few months that I haven’t had the time for my other passion – reading books. I remember when I was in high school, I could finish a Sweet Dreams pocketbook in just one sitting. I don’t even go out of my room during weekends because I prefer reading than socializing with kids my age.

One of my frustrations is that books here in our country are so expensive that one can’t help having second thoughts about having to buy an expensive book that one can finish in just a few hours. I would always end up buying second hand books because of it.


Anyway, I finally had a chance to visit the mall last week and while waiting for my husband (who had to buy some art supplies), I went to a bookstore to buy some second hand books. I wanted to buy a couple of books but I know that I won’t be able to read them right away so I ended up buying just four books (for now).

There were some books with ‘interesting’ titles, books that would surely catch anyone’s attention:

1.) Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

2.) How To Succeed in Heaven Without Even Trying

3.) Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Need To Do It

4.) How To Murder Your Mother-In-Law (I’m sure it’s fiction…lol)

5.) What If You Can Unscramble an Egg

I’m going to keep this post short because finally, I can start reading one of the books I purchased because my son is going to use the computer to research for his English homework.

Have a great week everyone and happy reading !

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