In My Mailbox : This Week’s Postcards

Although I only received three postcards, I am still excited about them since one of them is my first postcard from Australia and that two of them are map cards and the other one is that of a beautiful lavender fields. I may have to schedule a visit to the post office next week so that I would be able to send more postcards and receive more in two weeks time.

Here are the beautiful map cards of Tasmania and St. Petersburg and the lavender fields in Provence, France :

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In My Mailbox : Another Batch of Postcards


The incessant rain these past few days are sure to dampen anyone’s mood and I must admit that I am tempted to just go grab a book and read all day. But since I have important things to attend to both online and offline, I know that I need to finish all my tasks even if I do not feel as enthusiastic about them as I should. I was glad though that it wasn’t raining when we woke up this morning. And I guess the postman is also in a great mood because he finally decided to visit us again after two weeks to deliver our mail. I just noticed though that he was in a hurry to leave our mail by our front gate (I guess he just doesn’t want to be asked why there is always a delay in the delivery of our mail).

Anyway, back to something that surely made the start of my day great: postcards!  I have finally received some postcards from Postcrossing and members of Postcrossing Enthusiasts. I’m still waiting for some postcards though, those that have been sent around three weeks ago, don’t know if they got lost or something.

Here’s a photo (I will making a post for each of them on my arts/craft blog) Thanks to those who sent them ! 



Have a great weekend everyone !

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Waking Up To A Treat

During weekdays (school days) I wake up at 4a.m. to prepare for my son’s breakfast and baon for school. And if I have to finish some online work the previous night, it would mean that I only get around 3-4 hours of sleep.

Last night I finished work really late so I was only able to sleep for like 3 hours. Since I do not have any pending work that is due for a couple of more hours, I decided to sleep again after my son left for school before 6a.m. I was able to sleep for another two hours.

And even if I’m still sleepy, I’m starting the day with a smile on my face because of these:

Postcards from online friends can really bring a smile to anybody’s face, wouldn’t you agree ?

I hope you’re all having a great week so far.

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The Things I Love About My New Hobby


When I decided to start collecting postcards about two months ago, I knew that it will be something that I will truly enjoy. What I didn’t know was that there are wonderful benefits as well. And what would they be, you might ask ? Here are just some of them :

* Preparing the postcards that we will send has become a ‘bonding’ activity for us. My husband is in charge of choosing which stamps to purchase in bulk and he’s the one who decides which ones would go well with a particular postcard. I write the address (and the message,of course) on each postcard. I also keep track of which postcards have been sent to a particular person. My children would give ‘suggestions’ as to which postcard we should send.

* Whenever we go to the mall, my children would be the first ones to remind me to buy more postcards so that we will have enough postcards to send for the coming week. They love going through the stacks of postcards at the local bookstore.

* Browsing through the postcards has made my children appreciate the beauty of the Philippines more . They do not only look at the photo but they read the description at the back too. I know that they are learning a lot from it.

*My children are also learning about our country’s geography. It is no longer about memorizing statistics and names of places for them like they do at school. They now have an idea people wear during a certain festival or how different Kawasan Falls is from Tinago Falls.

*Whenever a batch of postcards arrives, my whole family gets excited about them. My husband would not just check on each postcard but he would look at the stamps, too (he collects stamps as well). My children would ask me endless questions about the places that are featured on the postcards. They would say that someday they will travel and see these wonderful places for themselves.

Here are just some of the postcards I have sent so far :



And these are some of the postcards I have received:



If someone takes the time to pick a postcard, write a message, choose which stamps to put, go to the post office to personally mail it – – all because you have requested to receive a postcard from them, wouldn’t that make you feel a bit special and more appreciated? Well, that’s what I feel whenever I receive a postcard. The fact that someone would go through all that trouble means a lot to me. Collecting postcards is definitely going to be a favorite hobby – not just for me but for my whole family.

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