Revising my Schedule

I have been constantly frustrated with our internet connection these past couple of days, because it has become noticeably slow particularly at night. I was supposed to  edit some photos for a blog post last night but the connection was too slow that uploading them takes too much time; I wasn’t able to accomplish anything at all last night. My son was also planning to do some programming exercises online but since the connection was slow, he decided to do them this weekend instead.

Anyway, instead of being frustrated about something that I can’t do anything about, I decided to just revise my schedule instead. Those tasks that need to be done online would have to be finished by midday while those that do not require internet access will have to be scheduled at night. If my children need to do some school work online or just browse on some websites that they want including the one that has the la patrie guitar that they are interested in, I would just remind them to attend to them earlier. I have also been meaning to read some books and it looks like I may be able to finally have the time to read them. I just want to make sure that no matter how challenging things may become, I still manage to be as productive as I can be.

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Recurring Problems with Our Internet Connection

A fast and stable internet connection is a must for us, not just because I work online but also because my children need to be able to access the internet whenever they have to for their school projects and assignments. At our eldest son’s school, for instance, lessons are emailed to the students and their assignments have to be turned in through their schools e-learning portal. It is also through their school’s website where official announcements from the school administration and professors are posted.

When my contract with my previous internet provider has expired I immediately looked for another one because their internet speed has been noticeably slow. I then chose another, one that is bundled with a cable subscription. The first few weeks were okay, the Wi-Fi connection is fast even if it is being shared between my laptop and four mobile devices. After awhile though, there have been days when we do not have any connection. There was even a time when we did not have any connection for days; and it ways even during the holiday season.

This week, it seems, we are dealing with the same thing all over again. When I noticed that we didn’t have any internet connection, I texted them right away to inform them about the problem. The told me that they are having a scheduled system maintenance and they expect to be finished with it by the end of the day. The following day, when I asked them why we still don’t have any connection, they said that the system maintenance hasn’t been completed. The day after that, they said that the problem is only within our area and they are working on fixing it. Imagine my frustration, having a lot of pending online work that need to be done as soon as possible. And since I couldn’t do anything about it, I just told them to give me regular updates so that I would know when to expect for our connection to be normal again.

I am still observing everything as of now even if we have our connection back since yesterday. There are still times when we would lose our connection for an hour or two. I have informed them about it and they said that they are taking note of it and that they will fix the problem. Hopefully everything goes well from now on because it can really be stressful when you have to finish a lot of task and you can’t rely on a stable internet connection.

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A Rainy Day and A Crappy Internet Connection

It has been raining non-stop since this morning and although I am trying hard to as productive as possible by finishing all my online tasks, it is not without its own set of challenges. Our internet connection, for one, has been acting up since lunch time and we lost our connection for over an hour and right now, as I am writing this post, we seem to have lost our connection again. It can be really frustrating, especially for someone who is trying to finish everything on time and for someone who only had over two hours of sleep last night. I am not sure if it’s because of the weather or if the problem lies with our provider. It can’t be because of system maintenance because they just had one the other day which lasted for a few hours. Good thing I finished all that I had to do online that time. It’s funny though but it says in my laptop that there is an internet connection but when I try to visit a website, the page won’t load. The same thing happens when we try our mobile phones, we still can’t get any internet connection. Anyway, I hope our connection will be back soon cause I need to finish some tasks tonight. Good luck to me, then, huh?

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Trying Out Different ISPs


It has been weeks since we started having problems with our current internet connection; from unstable connection to not being able to visit certain websites, to slow loading time. We don’t want to deal with the stress of having crappy internet connection anymore which is why we decided to try out other internet service providers in our area. I used a wifi connection a few days ago which was fast I must say, but since I am also looking for a more affordable alternative, I am also trying out a prepaid wireless broadband connection. Since I’m the only one in our household who uses the internet regularly, a broadband connection seems a more practical choice. I still prefer a wifi connection but I may have to save for that one first. For now, I would have to contend with a broadband connection. I’m still trying this one out for a few days and see if the connection is fast and stable. If not, I may have to look for yet another ISP. And since a fast and stable internet connection is important for someone like me who blogs and work online, I will look into all the possible choices available.

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