Carefree Weekend

While there were families who went on a quick family getaway during the long weekend, we chose to just stay home and have a relaxing one instead. We are actually anticipating the busy week we’ll be having because since it’ll be the children’s exam week starting this Wednesday. We will be busy reviewing which is why we chose to just stay home and have a movie marathon instead of going to the mall.

I also had a chance to spend some time reading (I have actually finished reading a few of Stephen King’s short stories and have started on a Harlan Coben thriller). This actually made me think of creating my own reading nook at home. It’ll be something simple, nothing fancy, just my own space where I can have a quiet and comfortable time reading. I have seen some interesting reading lamps and have search for photos of sofa cushions just to have an idea of what to do for my own reading corner. I just hope I will have the time to rearrange our bedroom so that I can create a good spot for a reading nook.

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More Time for Craft Projects

Since summer has officially started and another school year is over, hubby is looking forward to having more time to do do more of his art/crafts projects. We haven’t bought new art supplies yet but we’re planning to buy some the next time we visit the mall. We’re still going through his old stock of art supplies and making a list of what he would need. Hubby is also looking for some ideas online and if there are some art projects that he’ll like, then he’ll most likely to get inspiration from it and think of his next project. We’re also trying to get the kids involved, hopefully they’ll get inspired when we go and buy some new art supplies.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Easter!

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A Profitable Hobby


Aside from collecting stamps and coins, my husband likes to make miniature houses which are mostly made out of popsicle sticks and barbeque sticks. He usually makes them at night while watching the evening news. The projects that he made were initially intended to be part of his personal collection but friends and neighbors who have seen what he has made liked them so much that they offered to buy them (they said they were going to give them away as gifts to friends). Hubby is happy, of course, because he’s not only able to do something that he really enjoys doing but he also gets to earn from them. Not bad, eh? 

Here are some of the miniature houses he has made; the second photo is of a miniature garden which was recently bought by a neighbor:


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Homecoming Gifts


My husband makes miniature houses as a hobby. He uses popsicle sticks and barbecue sticks . When he has a new idea on what his next project would be, he would usually stay up late just to finish it. His projects are usually displayed at home and I have also featured them on our arts & crafts blog.  He has actually sold a couple of pieces to those who really loved his work.

Here are some of his projects: (The watermark, by the way is that of our arts & crafts blog)



My sister-in-law and her husband were here a few weeks ago for a three-week vacation (the last time they visited the Philippines was seven years ago)and my husband decided to make Nipa huts (Bahay Kubo) as homecoming gifts for them. Aside from the 2 pieces of Nip hut that hubby gave them, they actually bought 3 more to give away to their friends and relatives back home.

Here’s what he came up with:


Their homecoming was really fun, the whole family had a great time bonding with them. We hope to see them again in a few years time.

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