In My Mailbox : Freebies and Postcards


I received a couple of postcards today! This is a particularly eventful day for us because aside from a box full of skin care products, there were also a couple of postcards (eight to be exact). They were sent by Postcrossing members from New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Belarus, The Netherlands and two from Russia. I am indeed one happy Postcrosser!


Last week, I received a book (shipped through The Book Depository); a prize from a book giveaway.


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Finding the Time to Read


One of the things that I have been frustrated about since I started blogging and working online is the fact that I cannot read novels as much as I used to. I was introduced to reading Sweet Dreams and Choose Your Own Adventure pocketbooks in high school. I would borrow pocketbooks from my classmates and I would read them during recess or lunch breaks and most of the time, I would be finished with one by the time school is over for the day. From reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks, it progressed into reading novels which I would finish within a few days, especially if I become so engrossed with the story.

Nowadays, reading has been a ‘luxury’ for me; something that happens rarely. My husband has even discouraged me to buy the Sunday paper because I would just end up browsing it and another Sunday would come without me even reading the paper from the previous week. Whenever I get the opportunity to buy books, it would usually take weeks before I get to finish one. Being a work-at-home mom means I do not have control of how much free time I would have and sometimes, free time means catching up on my sleep. Reading has, in a way, taken a back seat.

Joining online giveaways has exposed me to different kinds of blogs, including book blogs. I would read reviews by other bloggers, and it has somehow, made me want to read the recent releases that they have been raving about. I started joining book giveaways and I have been fortunate enough to win quite a few of them. Here’s the latest one that I have won :


I chose this because of the positive reviews that it has been getting and I must say, a few chapters into it, I am looking forward to learn how the story would unfold. I truly miss the feeling of turning over each page and of ‘course, the smell of new books ( ‘bookaholics’ like me would understand what I mean…). Anyway, I’m just glad that I am reading again and I can’t wait to read all those wonderful and engaging novels I have been hearing about.

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Books ! Yay !


A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to win books of my choice at a book giveaway. The books were to be ordered and delivered via the Book Depository. I was a bit hesitant at first because I have no knowledge about how fast Book Depository ships to the Philippines and of course there is this thought that the books will get lost in the mail somehow. But the opportunity to win books is too good for me to pass up.

Anyway, when I received the email informing me that I won, I immediately visited Book Depository’s website and started browsing through the available books that they have. I was overwhelmed by the variety of books ; I had a hard time deciding which ones to pick. 

I finally decided on these :

It only took a little over two weeks for the books to arrive; I was surprised because I thought it would at least take a month. I am actually thinking of ordering some more books, especially those that they have on sale (new books,especially the new releases, are quite expensive here). My son has been browsing the site as well and he is making a list of the books he wants.

So, I guess you all have an idea of what I’ll be doing this weekend, huh ?

Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading !

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