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Appliance Maintenance: Caring for a Dryer

A good dryer should dry your clothes quickly, efficiently, and in a way that leaves them wrinkle- and lint-free. If you have any problems with your dryer, you should get appliance repair in Sterling Heights from a professional who can do a good job. However, you can avoid a lot of problems and safety issues if you know how to maintain and care for your dryer. Follow these tips to help your dryer last longer and to feel safe as you use it.

One very easy and very important way to care for your dryer is to clean out the lint trap. When lint builds up anywhere in your dryer, it becomes a serious fire hazard. Dryers have caught flame before when lint is left in the trap and it is on. Clean out your lint trap every time you run a load, and check the vents and other parts of the dryer occasionally for lint. Doing this will also help your dryer run more efficiently, because a buildup of lint stops it from drying clothes as quickly.

About once every year or two, you should clean out the duct behind the dryer. This connects the dryer to the wall and is fairly large. Debris can build up inside, which will prevent the dryer from working effectively. Find out how to remove it and use a brush or something similar to get rid of the debris. If you notice something wrong with it, you may want to get it replaced. It is a fairly easy part to replace as long as you get the right one for your model of dryer.

When you remove the duct, you can take advantage of that time to also clean the vent. This is the vent in the wall that the duct connects to. Use a brush to clean out the inside of it and get rid of any debris or lint. The clearer the vent is, the more effectively the dryer can work. Make sure you pull the debris back out rather than pushing it in further.

If you notice your dryer making any odd noises or that it is not drying as effectively as it used to, you may need appliance repair in Sterling Heights. A professional can look at your dryer and determine what is wrong with it. They will decide how to fix it or whether it would be better to replace the dryer altogether.


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Snow Blower Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained piece of equipment will perform better, last longer and need less servicing than one that’s simply cleaned up a little and stored until the next use.

Here are a few tips to keep your snow blower in good shape from season to season. The first step to good product maintenance is to read the owner’s manual from beginning to end. This will help familiarize you with your particular model and aid with troubleshooting later. The best time to perform the routine maintenance procedures is at the end of the winter season, before you place it in storage for spring and summer. You can check it over again when cooler weather rolls around the following year. This will help ensure that it’s properly stored and ready to roll when the first snow hits. Parts and major repairs are also sometimes less expensive when it’s not peak season.


The most common maintenance routines you should familiarize yourself with are: 
     * Changing the oil and spark plugs
     * Maintaining the fuel system
     * Inspecting and replacing belts
     * Making sure certain bolts are tightened
     * Inspecting and replacing shear pins and starter cords, as needed
     * Checking and cleaning the scraper bars and skid shoes

The owner’s manual provides specifications for these jobs, or you can find tutorials online that are specific to your make and model.

You can find snow thrower parts at your local yard and garden supply store, or you can shop online at one for the many websites that offer new and used equipment and replacement parts. This includes online storefronts that supply parts for a range of models, as well as the manufacturer’s website for a specific product line.

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