Mid-Year Motivation: Getting Started

Hey everyone! How are things? Can you believe that we’re only a few weeks away to the middle of the year??!? Time does fly so fast, right?  I’m curious though: How are things going with your plans for this year? Are you halfway through your goals?

I also have a lot of goals for this year. I even have a list of them. And I must admit that I am still working towards most of them as of today. I try not to get discouraged despite of all the things that may hinder me from achieving my goals. There was even a point when I was struggling with how to go about starting – just starting.

If you find yourself wanting to do something but you’re still hesitant because you think you haven’t had the time to prepare or you’re waiting for the perfect time to begin, you may find this quote by Seth Godin very helpful and inspiring.

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