I Am a Journalist

I was browsing through Facebook yesterday when a specific post on my news feed caught my attention.  It  is about something that I have been thinking about doing for days now – keeping a journal. I was actually at a bookstore earlier that day to buy some school supplies for the kids when I saw a set of beautifully designed journals which I almost bought but didn’t since I was afraid I may end up buying every design they have…hahaha. Here’s the post I saw, by the way, which was posted by Francis Kong, a well-respected motivational speaker and author.

His post has given me the push that I needed to start writing on my journal again. It has inspired me to write again and start keeping a journal just like before. Although having a blog also allows me to do that (expressing my thoughts and emotion, that is), there is something about putting your thoughts on paper that makes it even more personal. Not only do I plan to write about our daily life but also about our successes, struggles and more importantly our dreams and goals. I have actually been keeping a gratitude journal but I haven’t really been writing as often as I wanted. I used to spend my free time browsing through different websites reading interesting articles or news reports, I wanted to limit that from now on and just focus more on important online tasks.

Anyway, this journalist is really excited about being able to write again and not just tinker on the computer keyboard all day. My handwriting has actually gotten worse since I stopped writing on my journal..haha. Oh, and  by the way, I am going back to the bookstore and buy those beautiful journals (and some new pens, of course).

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