Semestral Break

First term officially ended for our eldest last Monday (which is also the last day of the finals). Tuesday is the start of their sem break; which will last for over two weeks. They only have to return to school next week (just for a day though) to get their grades and then enroll for the second term. Our youngest will have their sem break starting next week. They still have their examinations today up until Wednesday.



They are actually very excited about their school break and they have been talking about what they plan to do. Mostly though, what I’ve been hearing is how they plan to wake up late, watch TV and play video games. My eldest actually said that sem break is when doing fun stuff all day is a must and taking a bath is optional (oh, I hope he’s just kidding!). I just hope I can also get them to clean their room (yes, a mother can still dream, right? …lol). They do have to help with the chores here at home or else they don’t get to watch TV or play with their Xbox.

Seriously though, I’m glad they have their school break because they really deserve it; they have been studying hard and are continually doing well in school. They have also been hinting about searching online for what they wan to receive for Christmas. Our youngest has been very interested in creating videos and editing them ( he has a Youtube channel where he uploads all his videos) so maybe he’ll ask for something that he can use for that. Our eldest is into music, aside from his interest in various sports, so maybe he’ll go for a new guitar or maybe a new basketball jersey. I just hope it would be as expensive as the ones that I’ve been seeing online that are used to produce and create music. Anyway, I’m sure that we’ll find a more affordable option whatever it is that they may decide on.


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