Revising my Schedule

I have been constantly frustrated with our internet connection these past couple of days, because it has become noticeably slow particularly at night. I was supposed to  edit some photos for a blog post last night but the connection was too slow that uploading them takes too much time; I wasn’t able to accomplish anything at all last night. My son was also planning to do some programming exercises online but since the connection was slow, he decided to do them this weekend instead.

Anyway, instead of being frustrated about something that I can’t do anything about, I decided to just revise my schedule instead. Those tasks that need to be done online would have to be finished by midday while those that do not require internet access will have to be scheduled at night. If my children need to do some school work online or just browse on some websites that they want including the one that has the la patrie guitar that they are interested in, I would just remind them to attend to them earlier. I have also been meaning to read some books and it looks like I may be able to finally have the time to read them. I just want to make sure that no matter how challenging things may become, I still manage to be as productive as I can be.

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