Maximizing their Bedroom Space

During the past few weeks, we have been trying to think of ways of how we can maximize the space that the kids have in their bedroom. We have started de-cluttering and getting rid of all the stuff that they may no longer need or use. The room has actually started looking more spacious but we know that we can still do a lot more to it. We are going through all their clothes and those that no longer fit them will be placed in a box. The cabinet that they are currently using is too small for all their clothes so we may have to look for another one. We may even have to look into the rev-a-shelf closet organizers that we saw online. I just hope we can find one that is suitable for them and of course, one that will fit our budget. We are also thinking of putting multi-functional furniture so that we don’t have to place different pieces of furniture that will only take up more space. Anyway, I hope we’ll get to finish organizing their room before the holidays so that they can have the space that they want without actually spending for a major room renovation.  

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