Six Facts about Data Backups and Storage

There is nothing like the sick feeling that occurs when you go to work, boot your computer, and get the blue screen of death. If you have been regularly backing up your data using a physical method or small business cloud storage, it won’t be as difficult to fix.If you haven’t, it could cost you a lot of money in downtime and lost data.

Following is information about data backup that every small business owner should know and implement:

· Complete, whole-system backups

· Incremental backups

· Automated backups

· Continuous backups

· Physical backups

· Data backups in the cloud

Complete Whole-System Backups

The first backup you will do is a complete whole-system backup. This backup makes a copy of everything you have stored on your computer system. It will take the longest amount of time.

Incremental Backups

After you have the entire system backed up, you don’t need to do it every time you make a backup. Incremental backups are designed to make a backup of only the data and files and that have changed since the last backup took place.

Automated backups

An automated backup is a program that will automatically complete your backups for you. You do not need to start or monitor them. Your main task is to schedule how often the backups will run. There are software programs you can download if you are using physical backups. If you are storing your data in the cloud, the company you use should have a program of automated backups.

Continuous Backups

Continuous backups are designed to backup any file that you change as soon as you save the file. This ensures that you have the most recent version of anything you have worked one.

Physical Storage

One method you can use to store backed-up data is through a physical medium such as an external hard drive, recordable discs, or a flash drive. Once the data is stored on a physical medium, it should be taken to an off-site location. This will help ensure that you will have your data in the event that your office or computers are destroyed for any reason.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to backing up and saving your data on the Internet. When you contract with a company that offers small business cloud storage, they will store your data on their hardware. They will also offer services such as automated backups and continuous backups.


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