Why This New School Year Is Special For Us


A new school year officially started for my kids a little over two weeks ago. Although it was quite hard to adjust to a new schedule (especially about the part of having to wake up before 5a.m), but I think we’re doing ok. This school year is different and special for the kids because my eldest is a senior now and my youngest is now in junior high. That means we’re going to have a college student next school year ! I can’t believe how fast time flies. I guess when we hear other’s say that ‘children grow up too fast’, they are stating a fact. I  can still remember when our youngest graduated from pre-school !

Here’s a photo of our youngest when he graduated form pre-school and another photo taken on his first day at junior high: (I don’t have a current photo of my eldest because he is at this stage when he doesn’t want to have his photo taken. Go figure)



March 2006


June 2012

Have a blessed week ahead everyone !

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6 Responses to “Why This New School Year Is Special For Us”

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    How fast they grow up. My nephews are also in the high school and college phase already and I sure miss them that they were still back to their younger days.

  2. Violy says:

    So true, I’m still single at mid 30’s and I just realized I’m the Only one in our batch that is still single, and most of my friends already have kids in college! Wow wow wow! Hehe.. Time flies so fast indeed.. Still feels like 24! ;))

  3. Argee says:

    Wow. Congrats on raising on awesome kids. cherish these moments as before you know it, they’ll be looking already for a job. You can also provide guidance on what college courses they should consider taking based on their strengths and interests 🙂

  4. Rossel says:

    I am already used to waking up before 5a.m. Kids grow up and mature so fast. My daughter too doesn’t want her pictures to be posted on my blogs anymore. She said she’s too big for Mommy Moments and all.

  5. Cotz says:

    wow time really flies talaga. congrats on your graduating. i’m a single mom to 1 uber makulit little boy, but i’m enjoying every bit of his childhood. i know sooner or later magiging binata na din sya and there would be less hugs and kisses for mommy (sana hindi naman!).

    • Fe says:

      Boys can be surprisingly sweet; my youngest son stills kisses me goodnight even if he’s already in high school. My eldest is a bit shy but he still says ‘I Love You’ once in a while. I’ll take what I can get …heheh.

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