Journaling : An Effective Way to Relieve Stress

Most people find it helpful to talk about the things that cause them stress. They usually have a small circle of friends who they talk to regularly and they share with them their everyday experiences that has been causing a major amount of stress.

But if you do not have as much opportunity as you need to talk to friends about such matters or if you feel that it is too personal to share with anybody, then starting a journal would be a good option. Journaling can be a great tool where you can express all your frustrations and take note of what has been triggering stress in your life. Buy a journal or use your laptop or computer – whichever you’re comfortable with.


If this is going to be the first time that you’re going to start journaling, here are some tips to help you get started :

* Write whenever you want to or you need to. But if you have the opportunity to write everyday, do so, even for just a few minutes. That way, you are able to deal with your everyday stressors.

* Don’t focus on how long or how short your daily entry is. Don’t think about correct grammar, spelling or punctuation, just write continuously up to the point where you think you have expressed everything that has been on your mind.

*Focus on the things that have been bothering you all day. Write as honestly as you can about how you feel about them. It can help you get a different perspective and allow you to think of how you can deal with the situation better.

Keep in mind though that although journaling can be truly helpful in relieving stress, seeking a professional’s help during extreme depression is the best thing to do. They can guide you and help you deal with your depression effectively. If you think you are suffering from depression or any form of emotional or mental instability, seek the help of a licensed professional.

If you feel that you need a way to deal with stress, then buy a fancy journal or create a website where you can express your feelings freely and start journaling today.

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  1. meadowly says:

    Yes indeed! Writing is a stress reliever..That was the main reason I started blogging.

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