Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 18: Email Subscriptions



It’s the weekend once again and it’s time for another round of the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. This blog is in need of email subscribers which is why it’s participating in this week’s caravan.

If you have subscribed to this blog’s feeds, do not forget to confirm your subscription. You will receive a confirmation on your email and from there you can confirm your subscription. Leave a comment on this post including the email add you have used in subscribing.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers either through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers.

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42 Responses to “Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 18: Email Subscriptions”

  1. peachkins says:

    subscribed and followed…hope you can follow back..

  2. Pinx says:

    already a subscriber here sis!

  3. chie says:

    hello, thanks for stopping by at my blog and for subscriber,.i am a new subscriber here too(confirmed)

  4. chie says:

    i had followd this blog too through GFC

  5. Hi sis, the subscribe form in the post has an error but the one on the sidebar works fine…subscribed and confirmed!

  6. genny says:

    subscribed and confirmed as well.

  7. Rossel says:

    hi! new subscriber here. 🙂

  8. nancy says:

    Hi sis! Thanks for subscribing to Just the way it is…

    Was here to do the same:) [ngjaniola@yahoo.com]

  9. zoan says:

    hello sis, subscribed to your feeds using zoan_badz(@)yahoo(dot)com and confirmed it already.

    hope you could visit my blog here: http://www.zowanderer.com/2011/07/weekend-blog-follower-caravan-18/

  10. Willa says:

    I’m your new subscriber. 🙂

  11. Jessica says:

    Hi Sis,
    subscribed and joined, please visit me too, here is my entry

  12. Hello, subscribed and confirmed using jluga3144[at]gmail[dot]com … see you back at my blog!
    If it’s not too much to ask, please help me reach 100 likes for my FB page here: http://www.facebook.com/ConsumerMomTalks

    Followed you too, hope you can follow me back. Thank you.

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi! subscribed and confirmed po.. thank you

  14. Mirage says:

    Subscribed and confirmed!

  15. subscribed and followed gfc. 😀

  16. Josie says:

    Old follower and subscriber 😀

  17. Viva Pinay says:

    Old subscriber sis.

  18. your new follower and subscriber..

  19. Ian says:

    Followed, subscribed and Liked!

    Please visit back @
    A Positive Standpoint
    When Vanity Strikes!

  20. M.O.M says:

    confirmed my email subscription.

  21. hi, old subscriber here.

  22. thanks for subscribing to georyl fe. subscribed here too.


  23. Stef says:

    Subscribed and confirmed!
    Here’s MINE . Thanks and see you!

  24. Edsie says:

    already a subscriber before!!

  25. jared's mum says:

    subscribed + confirmed sis 🙂

  26. hi, subscribed and confirmed=)

  27. levy says:

    subscribed and confirmed using email levy.martinez(at)gmail.com

  28. subscribed and confirmed using cancerianpinay{at}gmail{dot}com

    Dalaw ka naman sa blog ko sis…late na kasi nagsubscribe hehhehehe

  29. subcribed and confirmed using jemimahonline{at}gmail{dot}com.. Sorry I am on the last day to subscribe I hope you can visit and subscribe also at my blog. Thanks!


  30. Ane says:

    old follower and subscriber.. 😉

  31. WBFC Admin says:

    Subscribed and confirmed using pmbloggers at gmail dot com 🙂

    WBFC Admin – http://www.onlinebizandresources.info

  32. subscribed and confirmed. wla kang gcf?

    WBFC18 #40

  33. Olga says:

    already confirmed subscription. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  34. Leah says:

    subscribed and confirmed 🙂
    followed via GFC, i hope you can also follow back 🙂

    Pinoy Holistic Healthcare

  35. Gene says:

    A subscriber already (geneinthebattle).

    Please subscribe to my family blog Corbitoness.

  36. Chris says:

    was here! 😀 subscribed!

  37. Kero says:

    subscribed and confirmed! =)

  38. Tetcha says:

    Followed, subscribed and confirmed. Thanks for subscribing to my feeds, too!

  39. nuts says:

    followed you sis, subscribed and confirmed, liked your FB page.. thanks for the visit! 🙂

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