Today’s Wake Up Call

Ever since summer vacation started for the kids, we seem to always end up sleeping late. Like last night, the kids are busy playing with their trading cards , hubby was watching reruns of The Pacific on HBO, while I’m busy with online work. I was actually the last one to go to bed because I was waiting for an email. I thought that since we plan to open our store late today, we wouldn’t need to set the alarm and we can wake up late.
That didn’t happen though because we were awaken by our dog’s incessant barking. I looked at our wall clock thinking that we have overslept but was surprised when it says 4a.m. It definitely wasn’t four in the morning because the sun was definitely up and it’s already hot outside. It seems we didn’t notice that we haven’t changed our clock’s battery for quite sometime now and that we were so sleepy that we didn’t notice that it wasn’t working anymore. I told my husband this morning as he was changing the battery that maybe we need to change our wall clock not just the battery since we’ve had that clock for a few years now. I told him that maybe we can buy a decorative wall clock; something similar to what we saw online. Seeing my husband look at me like I’ve gone crazy, I quickly told him that I was just kidding…lol. Well, it’s not a bad idea, right ? I mean, at some point we do have to change that clock, maybe not today but hopefully soon.*wink*
Anyway, I don’t plan to oversleep again anytime soon because the headache that goes along with it is not worth it.

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3 Responses to “Today’s Wake Up Call”

  1. I use 3 clocks…the computer, the wall clock and my cellphone. 😀

    Visiting from April TBE…
    C5 @ The Moral Of The Story

  2. liezl says:

    I also tend to oversleep this summer. Having an alarm clock is a must for me. 🙂

    TBE hopping!

  3. shengkay says:

    ..sus sa akin walang effect ang alarm clock..hahaha..cge palitan nyo na ng new ang wall clock nyo….hehehe

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