Adapting a New Schedule

Now that the kids are on summer vacation, I have to make some adjustments on when I can do my chores and my online work. Even if the kids don’t have to wake up early for their classes, I’d still have to get up early because I need to open our store and to prepare breakfast before they wake up. I would usually start my online work when the kids are already in school and after doing some household chores. But now, I may have to wake up earlier than usual and work online for an hour or two before they wake up because they also want to use the computer and they’d most likely ‘evict’ me if they see me in front of the computer…lol. I guess it’s probably the biggest downside of having the kids at home most of the day; they get bored easily and they want to just play video games and computer games all day.

Good thing that our children are easy to talk to. As long as you explain to them why you’re implementing a certain rule they’d gladly follow. They know that they are not allowed to use the computer without our permission and that they are only allowed to use it for a certain period of time each day.

I guess I have to finish making our new ‘schedule’, especially when it comes to who will use the computer next. That way, the kids can play their computer games and I’d get to work online as well. Good luck to us.

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2 Responses to “Adapting a New Schedule”

  1. mel cole says:

    Same here sis. My husband and my little guy will have temper tantrum once they see me in the computer. hayz naku, buhay talaga nating mga ina. We still love to multi-task. 🙂

    • Fe says:

      it’s seems multi-tasking is a ‘skill’ that moms like us have to acquire and perfect…heheh
      thanks for the visit, sis…

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